Welcome to the BLI Future-Ready Learning Portal!

How will CPAs and other accounting and finance professionals remain relevant in this age of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, Big Data, and exponential change?

This website might provide some of the answers.

The Business Learning Institute’s vision is to help finance and accounting professionals be more future-ready — to be anticipatory, aware, predictive of, and adaptive to emerging trends in technology, demographics, social issues, and their business environment.

This site is one of three crucial resources that we believe will help our profession thrive in this transformative age.

The first of those resources is the BLI website and catalog of more than 400 courses covering critical “success” skills for accounting and finance professionals. - blionline.org

The second is our work with global futurist Daniel Burrus and the Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition, an innovative online learning system that teaches the critical competencies of anticipation, innovation, and collaboration. It is the foundation for becoming a proactive, future-ready accounting and finance professional. blionline.org/AOAF

The third is this portal. It’s part of our exciting new partnership with IBM that will feature a curated collection of innovative learning in the critical technology trends shaping businesses and our profession. This site features a few initial learning paths to get you started, and we will be adding more each month on critical trends like Big Data, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more.

Our future plans include badges, communities and a lot more, all designed to help you be better prepared to support your clients and organizations in this exciting new world.

Business Learning Institute

June 26, 2017